Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Dreary December's Douchebags...

It's been awhile since we've updated this thing. NJ Funny Pages had to take a small hiatus from going forward due to some medical issues with our relatives. (Gosh, wouldn't it be easier if we could just strangle them and no one would be the wiser? Probably, the worst joke ever right now, RIP Relatives. Love.)

Regardless, 2011 is going to be a year of new changes for NJ Funny Pages. We are going to re-do our website, because let's face it, it looks like a 3 year old just turning on a computer for the first time designed our website. I know, I know! I just haven't had the time to dedicate to it fully with complete concentration.

Our Facebook Fan Page has broke 500 people! That's exciting for us, because we were really just a "Dollar and a Dream" kinda thing and "oh damn, oh hot slam", we are almost infamous! So, keep spreading us around to your family and friends on facebook, "We are like an infectious disease, like, that you actually want!".

So, Keep on a look out for an updated website, some new and improved commentary, and our 2011 First Comedian Interview. Any ideas which Jersey Comedian should get interviewed first? Email us at njfunnypages@njfunnypages.com

We would like to wish everyone out there a "Healthy, Wealthy, Sexy Holidays, and Laughter all New Year!" Remember to "Live, Love, and Laugh Often".

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

As the days go by...

It's been a great giggle fest at NJ Funny Pages.com - We spent the summer learning the ins and the outs of the NJ Comedy scene. This fall we are gearing up launch our new website , www.njfunnypages.com. Tonight, we are tackling the small stuff, like adding the blog to the website and updating our New Calendar so that our fans and friends can see where the Jersey Comedians are performing their shows.

We are currently taking suggestions on who you would like to see as our First Featured Comedian Interview...Granted, we are only taking suggestions and we will or may have already picked out the first ten! Are you on that list? Want to be? Email us your information at njfunnypages@njfunnypages.com today!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

NJ Funny Pages

Sometimes you wake up with a goal and a dream, and a little steam. Well, this is a goal and a dream that two women who love to laugh had at the same time and then, NJ Funny Pages was born.

Steaming on and two months later, we have developed our love to laugh and our want and need to see our friend's goals and dreams come true into a comedy promotional business. We want to help the comedy circuit "bring laughter back". We developed a facebook group to help promote favorite comedians, and even developed a website (which is in developement stages).

So the goal and the dreams still steams on...

Until next time, enjoy your laughter.

Love, Live, and Laugh A-lot!