Thursday, July 28, 2011

NJ Funny Pages Comedian of the Month for July: Evan Marz

As a comedy enthusiast, it is my extreme pleasure to introduce NJ Funny Pages fans and followers to great up and coming comedians from the Tri-State Area. This month NJFP would like to introduce you to:

                                      EVAN MARZ, Philly Area

NJFP caught up with Comedian Evan Marz at his last performance at the Quick Chek in Burlington, NJ. It was a hot saucy night and maybe about 15 people showed up to support him as he debuted as the next Manager of the Month at Quick Chek. As he accepted that honor, he was bestoted with another, Comedian of the Month! NJFP was lucky to get five minutes with Evan Marz, and this is what we asked him.

Interview with Comedian/Author Evan Marz.

1. How did you get involved in Stand Up Comedy? Did you see it as a calling like most comedians? 
A call to laughter, if you will?

After disappointing my parents by going to college and majoring in a useless profession, I decided to further their humiliation and tell them "I'm coming out tonight, I am going to be a Stand Up Comic". I saw it more as a call to disappoint my parents and gain access to depressed horny girls everywhere. 

2. As the author of Dirty Sanchez Nation, you must be particularly proud of the success to date. What is your favorite part of the book and why? Favorite Page?

My favorite part of the book is your cash receipt. So, keep buying it!
My favorite page is the author page, I like to see my name so prominent.

3. You also produce your own "Get Offended" Comedy shows/contests, is that where your true passion for comedy is, or just want to help offend America, specifically, Philly? When is your next show? And How can comedians get on it!

Yes and No. I was at a comedy club, won't name names but it was a dirty hole in the wall and the girls had dirty holes too. I decided I hated everything about it including the patrons who would engagingly laugh at you like your hilarious or something. Awful! I wanted to offend someone and something so I created my own shows. I don't know when the next one is and "They know how to get on it. *wink* *wink*"

4. Who is your comedic role model, or life role model and why?
Myself, Why not? I am awesome and I have a few sexy pussies.

5. Would you identify more so as the "bad boy" of comedy or a "good guy" of comedy? Why do you think that?

I think this question sucks. I am not a boy, and I've never been good.

6. Right or Lefty? And we aren't asking about your penmanship!

*wink* *wink* ask my pussy cat she watches.

7. Where can people find out MORE about you?

*This interview was completely fabrication and nothing in this is true. If any of the stories seems to resemble any true act, it is merely a joke. Get over it. No one cares enough to repeat your lame ass stories*

NJFP actually reached out to Evan Marz, and he replied with, "Go F' yourself with your free promotions of comedy and your stupid website" - We <3 you too, Evan. Go Check out his comedy someplace near you.

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